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Yes, the whole process from ordering to delivery was swift and your representative always updated me on the progress of the shipment. The package was unlabeled which was very good for privacy. As sexual appliances go, this one is well made and should afford you with many hours of excellent recreation. This is definitely a beautiful face and a great body. Skin is smooth to the touch and although heavier, the weight feels nice. Easy to maneuver. Keep up the good work!!

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Yes, this is a legit company. I received it today …… It’s fantastic! I love them so much! Very realistic! This doll is so sexy! The boobs are soft, the ass is perky, and it arrived quickly! Great doll! I find her very seductive! Her skin is softer than you can imagine. I’m really glad I bought her and I’m thankful for the seller, their excellent customer service made my whole shopping process easier! I would buy from this site again!

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Yes, it is a safe platform. I know I made the right choice with this site! You guys are the best! This doll is fantastic, I’m so happy. Gosh, I’m madly in love with this beautiful doll… All real girls pale in comparison. The body is very realistic. Her breasts are very beautiful. She’s exactly what I wanted. I am very satisfied I have nothing to complain about and the customer service was fantastic. I highly recommend buying from this seller!

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Yes, I would recommend it for any guy. Had my doubts since I’ve been burned by other vendors sending dolls that didn’t look like what they advertised. I bought this doll and was very happy once I got it. When it was out of the box, it’s exactly as how you expect it to be. It felt very amazing from both holes and the breast were very fun to squeeze. It’s a good product for anyone who is interested in buying a love doll as a start.

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Yes, it’s safe to do business with them. I received this doll this morning and I cried. I have been single for 10 years and now I feel like I have someone to share my life with. No more rejection or sadness. She’s fantastic !!!! She is too cute for words! It was an amazing experience! I took a lot of great pictures and had a lot of fun πŸ™‚ Just seven words: buy this doll, you won’t regret it.